Busy March

So after a hectic February in Basel I am finally back in Jo’burg to step back into my adventure.
First weekend started off with a biiiig highlight… EMINEM was in town to do his first ever African concert. Superb Show!
Then the next stars visited – Brasil bashed Bafana Bafana in a friendly a bit too high, but still it was a good experience. Vuvuzelas are much more annoying in reality than they appear on a TV broadcast.

This weekend the sun finally came back to Johannesburg and so I decided to explore a bit the city center and leave the golden cage of Sandton, the area where I’m staying at. Loved the place called arts on main…Perfect food, cool art and very catchy vibes. So I will definitely go back!

Here the Pics

Week 2 in Johannesburg

So two weeks have passed since my arrival from Germany.

This week was rather quiet with tons of work, but things are moving. I received all my luggage so I would state that I am fully settled by now.

On the weekend I decided to join a local expat group from meetup.com to have a hike around the Melville Koppies and the Botanical Gardens followed by a nice lunch of Fish n Chips in the very hip area of Melville. I will definitely check out Melville in a few more goes as it seems very lively and urban with a lot of clubs, restaurants, bars and small vintage shops.

Here some photos from the week



The first week in Gangster’s Paradise

Howzit? So here I am…just moved into an adventure in a city which everybody only refers to as the most dangerous city on earth – Gangster’s paradise.

One week has passed since my arrival and I am settling in better from day to day – with people connections, work and most importantly excitement. Must say the summer wheather plays a big role in this:)

During the week I had little time to explore the city – so it was more a routine of working, checking out malls and doing some stuff at home.The area I am living in looks very shiny and safe. Even though I had a driver for the first days I think I can manage from now on.

Today I then finally had the chance to explore the real Johannesburg (the driver was very useful for this). So I went on to visit the constitution hill with its historical buildings and old prison. From there I could also have a distant look at Hillbrow, one of the most infamous city districts. We then moved on to check out the Carlton Center with a vast view over the huge municipal area of Johannesburg – I was not able to see the end of the city on any side.

Michael, the driver, then took me to the Apartheid Museum and Mandela exhibition (super interesting) before going to South Africa’s largest township Soweto (South Western Township), which has always played a huge role in the history of SA, especially in the Anti-Apartheid movement. There I also enjoyed my first authentic African lunch.

Trying to keep you updated from time to time!